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Your guide to an online (yeah Zoom!) wedding in Utah, Salt Lake City.

תמונה של זוג גברים מתחתנים במחשב נייד

While going through the surrogacy process it really helps if you were married in the US. Some US states are restricting surrogacy from a non-married intended parents  (Looking at you Texas!).

So with everything going on with Covid and travel restrictions worldwide, a lot of couples were wondering how they can get married in the US without flying there?


With the help of Dor Kirbnerg and Yuval Mamka, and some investigating myself, I’ve learned about the option of getting married online in the state of Utah in the US!


Getting married online- State of Utah.

Short story - There are 3 steps: Getting your marriage licence, scheduling a date with an officiant and, ofcourse, the online ceremony itself. 

Getting your Marriage license

The license is valid for only 30 days from the moment you get it. You can use it immediately- Therefor you are recommended to apply around 7-10 days before you want to get married so your licence will not expire incase something unexpected happens and you have to change your plans.


The cost is $40 for the license and it includes two copies of the certificate (a printed copy and a digital copy) + $30 in taxes +$10, an optional payment, as a donation for the victims of family abuse. Total sum of $70-$80.


Getting started:

We start by getting your licence on the website, Getting your ID approved online and paying via credit card.

After getting your approval Email, You must read the terms of using your licence carefully and choosing your “Officiant”.


Read the instructions before clicking on the link (More on that later)

- Both partners need an Email address. The system will send a confirmation email to the partner that is filling out the form. The partner will not receive the Email since it is the same link.


- You don’t have to be physically present together in order to complete the form, But you do have to fill out the forms one after the other (one partner cannot start filling out the form before the other one finishes).


- You are not required to finish filling out the form in one sitting. You can pause and come back to it later, Even from another device.


- When it comes the time to upload a picture of your ID, Make sure to disable your Flash, Live, 3D or other camera functions.


- Be prepared to pay the fee during the filling of the form.


- Get your ID ready in advance. Keep in mind that you cannot use paper or temporary ID’s. If you have an ID or an American drivers licence, Great. If not, You can use your local drivers licence or Passport card.


- Changes or correcting the form: Some fields will be automatically filled from your uploaded ID. If the scan or upload was unsuccessful and did not upload correctly and your name appears with unrecognised characters, Continue completing the form and after finishing, Write an Email to: With a request to amend the correct details. Attach to the Email your request Number. They will not charge you extra for this.

These kind of changes can be made up until you submit the form to the officiant, cost free. However, After you find more mistakes later after obtaining your license, Corrections will cost $10. Please make sure that all the details are correct before submitting the form.


- If you don’t have a home mailing address in the US, the system will not be able to register any other address. you can enter the register’s office address instead: 111 S University Ave, Provo, UT 84601 – and after filling out the form, Write an Email to: with your correct local address to update manually.

The certificate will be sent to your home address – but if you have someone in the US who can receive the mail and send it to you Via a direct shipping service (FedEx etc.) it would be better than counting on US postal service to send it to you directly - since it may arrive in time, or even at all. Here as well, Changing your address in the form via email will not cost you. However you must wait for an Email confirming the change before performing the ceremony or else you will have to pay the extra $10 for the change.


Filling out the form online (Keep in mind the American format of the dates are Month/Day/Year):

The online ceremony:

Once you have all of the correct and signed papers and license, you can schedule your wedding date online here:


The ceremony will cost $35

- Keep in mind that there will be no special rituals or ceremonies, They are working on law required generic texts.

- The ceremonies are performed within regular working hours in America (Monday - Friday: 9Am till 4PM) and are closed on federal holidays.

- While setting up the ceremony you will have to upload the Worksheet you received with the confirmation Email and a link given to you in that same Email.



Some notes about the zoom ceremony:

- Both of you will need to attend with two witnesses. You will all have to appear live in the ceremony.

- Before the ceremony begins, You and your witnesses will be verified against your ID’s.

- If you are using the printed licence, both of you will all have to be present in the same room.

- If the licence was given online, It would be ok if you are in separate places.

- The $35 will have to be payed before the ceremony begins.

- Make sure your witnesses have their ID’s with them.

- You will need to bring with you two rings to exchange during the ceremony.

- Print out the officiant voucher from the original Email to bring to the officiant.

- Make sure the officiant follows the instructions written in the Email in order to perform and submit everything needed.


After the ceremony, The officiant will finish taking care of the forms and registering them in the online portal and you will receive your digitally signed copy in Email. The official certificate will be sent to you by Mail. Mail takes about 10 days within the US and probably will take longer to get to you if your are living outside the us.


If you want to register your marriage in your local country as well, You may be required to send the certificate to get Apostile. After getting your online certificate you can go the their website and order a “Certified Copy”. There is an option for an apostile service where they print out a copy and send the certificate to be apostilled, and will be sent to you in the mail. There is an explanation about this on their website.

Mazal Tov!

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