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It's a pleasure meeting you

Pleased to meet you! My name is Erez Baron, and I am the proud father of twin girls who were born through surrogacy in the United States. My personal journey took my Partner and myself to the US so we could make our dream come true, and become parents. It meant many “first time experiences”, such as selecting our egg donor, meeting our surrogate and her family, seeing our embryos on the ultrasound screen, dealing with different providers, flying across the ocean before the expected birth – everything that is part of creating a family in a process that took place far from us, thousands of miles away from home. I have firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to make many extremely difficult decisions, decisions similar to the ones you’ll have to make during the most important journey to parenthood.


Before becoming a father, I worked as a project manager in global hi-tech companies. As my partner and I began our journey to parenthood, there were many obstacles on the way, with no one to turn to for support. As my frustration grew, I decided to become a professional leader of the surrogacy process, and began by seeking information and assisting others with everything I was missing while going through my own process: high quality, comprehensive, fair and trustworthy guidance, that above all is also personal and friendly. 

I know the importance of creating a tailor-made, personalized journey for each couple or single parent. I know how essential it is to have a finger on the pulse, learn the ever-changing factors locally and internationally, and maintain personal relationships with all the different providers throughout the process, such as lawyers, medical staff, Surrogacy agency managers, insurance specialists, non-profit organization and so many more. Knowing how much I needed this kind of support, it is what I am honored to provide. To date, I am proud to have successfully accompanied and be a part of the exciting creation of hundreds of new families.


...And what’s a Guru?

On this blog website, my goal is to share a lot of the information I’ve accumulated over the years to you: the small tips, the big solutions, the shortcuts that you should avoid, and the practical steps you need to take.


All seasoned with some personal experiences I had faced myself.

I invite you to ask me questions about the topics you would like me to address. Don't hesitate to ask about topics you feel are most important to you, and feel free to share your own experience and tips with me.


Together we will create a supportive and helpful community on the way to achieving the sweet dream of a family!

Do you have a question or need personal advice? Leave me a message and I will get back to you soon.
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