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Financial Support

עזרה פיננסית

The surrogacy process is an expensive undertaking for parents. The process involves hiring the professional services of lawyers, courts, clinics, insurance companies, and more, which all add up to a lot of money in this expensive journey to parenthood.


For most people this isn’t an easy starting point, and they have to raise the money in order to start a family. The initial sum is large, and you also have to consider potential complications during the process, which may up the costs, or additional processes later on to further expand the family. 


There are a few types of assisting types: Several entities provide financial assistance for the process, and others offer funding at preferred terms. There are also collaborations with various entities that somewhat lower the costs. Sometimes employers offer assistance to their employees undergoing the process.


Obviously, every country and each bank have their own terms. Some parents take out another mortgage, and others just take a loan.


With regards to loans, you should consider the option of taking a loan at the expense of an education fund or pension since these are usually loans with preferred interest rates.

Financial Assistance:

Surrogacy grants given by companies and organizations (mostly non-profit) help people embarking on the process according to pre-determined criteria and restrictions. Most have a limited number or maximal annual sum, but you can also find benefits that are given year-round. Here are a few examples:


Men Having Babies – An American association founded by an Israeli man, which helps men undergoing the process. Their help includes an assistance plan at two levels of funding, and a membership plan that gives ongoing benefits. They conduct conferences worldwide.


Pay it Forward Fertility Grants - Assistance with fertility clinics that are members of the American SART.


Baby Quest Foundation – An organization that helps with surrogacy, IVF, and other processes.


Family Formation Charitable Trust - Financial assistance in building a family, including a surrogacy process.


Journey to Parenthood Charity – A charity that helps couples and individuals build a family, including through surrogacy


Life Grants - Assistance of up to $10,000 for families who need it for IVF and surrogacy.

Companies that assist their employees:

Since the struggle for surrogacy made headlines, numerous companies have joined the struggle and strive to help their employees with various sums of money. Sometimes the help is given unconditionally, and sometimes it’s conditional upon the employee’s continued long-term employment. There have been cases of employers in the United States that paid (either directly or using an insurance plan) for parts of the process. Other companies (especially outside the United States, use the more common solution and transfers an agreed-upon sum to the parent undergoing the process.


You’re welcome to read about it here in the forum on the financial options to receive a grant from your employer, or consider looking at a crowd funding project.



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