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Can you create more embryos with the donor from the first process?

What if you are already a parent, and you’ve decided that the time has come to expand your family, but you don’t have any embryos left over from the first round? Well, short answer - you can contact the clinic where you chose your donor, and ask them if she is available and willing to do another cycle with you.

Take into account that she may already be at a different point in her life or that she can’t donate any more, and then you’ll have to choose another donor.

My two recommendations for dealing with such a case are:

A. From the start choose a good and organized clinic with high success rates. High success rates maximize the chances of implantation and birth, and prevent “wasting” embryos, so you’ll be left with a maximum number of embryos for continued expansion of the family.

B. My second and strong recommendation in case you landed up on “the wrong end of statistics” and are concerned that your firstborn child will be from diffferent egg donor is - just relax.

In the end, the children have their own DNA, you are their parents, and they grow up with you under the same roof and receive the same education and care. The family where the children flourish is much more important than the uniformity of their DNA. From among all the processes I’ve guided, I haven’t met a single parent who was bothered by this issue from the moment he held the new baby and introduced him to his older siblings and to the extended family.

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