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Should I wait until I have a partner to start the a surrogacy process?

I think that this is a very personal question. I, for example, always knew that even if I wouldn’t be in a relationship I’d want to become a father. But at what stage? Would it be considered giving up on a relationship? Obviously not. Although I started the process as a happily married man, as you know, the question is relevant since everyone has a different perspective on family, children, parenting, and career.

From my experience and from hundreds of other couples I’ve guided on the process, I think that if you want to be a father, don’t wait. Because when you realize that’s it’s what you want, it’s sometimes too late.

You’ll be a great father, with or without a spouse. If you’ve chosen to go the surrogacy route because it suits your personality, your lifestyle, and how you want to be a parent - it’s never too soon. I’ve met quite a few single parents who regret not starting sooner, and now they’re stressed because they don’t want to be older parents, or because they want more than one child and their age limits their future family plans.

On the other hand, some prefer to wait so as not to miss out on opportunities and a chance at a relationship, or to wait for a more suitable time. Like I said - there’s no one right answer here, but the awareness for single fathers who start families has increased a lot, and from my experience guiding a lot of single fathers who embarked on the process and became parents, I can wholeheartedly say - go for it. There are a lot of solutions and ways to be parents and surrogacy is one of them. And surrogacy as a single father is a good option. If this path suits you, I’d be happy to put you in touch with single father groups who are a real community that help and support each other a lot.

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