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Do children who are born in the United States get a social security number?

Some of the children born through surrogacy will be born in the United States, where they receive American citizenship because they were born on American soil. An American citizen also receives a social security number, which is the number American citizens need for all financial matters throughout their life.

After the birth, it’s very easy to get a social security number. You go to a local branch of the Social Security Administration Office along with proof of birth (an official hospital document or American passport if you already have one) and they’ll issue an SSN for you. You don’t even need to bring the child/ren along, just a few documents.

You can even get the number at the hospital, the problem is that you won’t have a birth certificate yet that states that you are the parents, and the bureaucracy afterwards complicates matters. My recommendation is to ask the hospital not to issue one, and to do it yourself during your stay in the United States. It’s quick and easy.

I got an SSN for my girls one morning after the birth. I just went to the local office on my own, without the children or my husband. I brought the necessary documents with me and aside from a few other people in line, the process went quickly and smoothly.

Later you’ll need this number in in your country to open a bank account or a financial plan for your children, so it’s best that you get a number as early on as possible.

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