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Flying back home after the birth

For a birth in the United States, provided that there are no unexpected events or complications (like a premature birth), you can time the flight back home for around three weeks after the birth (in non-COVID times). This will give you enough time to finalize all the legal parentage process, issuing a US passport, the social security number for the child/ren, and more. You should consult with your American lawyer to understand the timelines for the legal and administrative tasks that await you, since they change from one state to another and it’s best to be prepared.

A bit of logistics

Most airlines will let you send a baby stroller + car seat at no added cost. For most flights you check-in the car seat at the check-in counter and the stroller at the flight gate.

Every airline lets you send a suitcase in the baby’s name as well, but the weight restriction differs among airlines.

Tip: Some airlines lets you bring a suitcase for the baby at a standard weight of ~23 kg, and this definitely helps with the all the stuff you’ll be bringing back from the United States.

After the birth, inform the airline or travel agent about the birth, and they’ll try to book a ticket for the children (this is also an opportunity to update the return date if there’s a change due to a premature / late birth, holidays, etc.). When you book the flight, make sure you ask for a bassinet, which is a special baby bed for the flight.

A few small tips for the return flight

-If a bassinet isn’t available for the baby, you can use a baby wrap carrier/sling, which you’ll wear. For babies who are only several weeks old, its better to use a fabric ergonomic sling or one made by Ergo.

-You should feed the baby or give it a pacifier when you take off and when you land. It helps the babies relieve painful pressure in the ears.

-Huge help is to bring a sealed ready-made food in bottles on the flight, which you use with a disposable nipple. You can bring these bottles with you on the flight, even if you require another security check. You can purchase those “bottles” at almost all supermarkets.

Also, always take some extra formula for any eventuality (if the bottle breaks, gets lost, the flight is delayed, and other scenarios that have been known to happen). Some people even takes a thermos with boiled water with them because they don’t trust the sterility of the water on the plane.

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