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Returning Home After a Surrogacy Journey in the US with Your Newborn

After an amazing surrogacy journey in the US, the time finally came to bring our precious baby home. The idea of flying internationally with a newborn can be intimidating, especially as new parents. But don’t worry—time flies, and soon you’ll be home surrounded by family and friends. Here’s how we navigated the journey, with a few laughs along the way.


Planning Ahead

First, we gathered all essential documents: baby’s birth certificate, passport, and any required visas. A pediatrician's note confirming the baby is fit to fly is also crucial. Checking airline policies on traveling with newborns is a must, as they can vary. Try to secure a bassinet seat - which is usually a front row seat where flight attendants supply a bassinet that is placed on the wall next to you).


Packing Essentials

We packed a well-stocked diaper bag with essentials like diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for the baby and ourselves, we bought pre-made bottles of formula that were disposable and easy to use (yes, you can bring them to the plane!) and extra formula for emergency, bottles that we filled with sterile water (who wants the plane boiled water? Bahhh), and a small blanket. A baby wrap or sling was a lifesaver, keeping our baby close and comfortable while freeing our hands. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff such a tiny person needs!


Choosing the Right Flight

We chose a night flight, hoping our baby would sleep through most of it. Booking seats with a bassinet option gave our little one a cozy space to rest. We also made sure to book a direct flight to avoid the stress of layovers, it's not always possible - but believe me, boarding off a plane and hopping another, after long airport walks is not fun at all. If you can, bring a friend or family member to help with logistics; it can make a world of difference.


Airport Tips

Arriving early at the airport gave us ample time to handle any unexpected delays or issues. Using a stroller that could be gate-checked was convenient for navigating the airport. Security checks can be a bit more involved with a newborn, so patience and a calm demeanor are key. Remember, everyone else in line was a baby once too!


In-Flight Strategies

During takeoff and landing, feeding our baby helped with ear pressure changes. We kept the baby hydrated and comfortable, taking turns holding and soothing the baby throughout the flight. The flight attendants were incredibly supportive, which made a big difference. And remember, babies at this age mostly sleep and wake up just for feeding, so it’s not as daunting as it seems—think of it as a mini in-flight movie marathon with more bottles and fewer popcorns.


International Travel Considerations

International travel added some extra steps. We ensured our baby’s passport and visa were processed promptly, sometimes requiring expedited services. Checking the entry requirements of our home country, including any necessary vaccinations or health clearances, was also crucial.


Staying Calm and Flexible

Traveling with a newborn requires flexibility and a calm mindset. Babies can pick up on stress, so staying relaxed helped keep our baby calm too. We accepted help from family that joined us, and from kind strangers and flight staff, which made the journey easier.


Arriving Home

Once we landed, we took our time gathering our things and made our way through customs. Having all our paperwork organized made this process smooth. The sight of our family and friends at the arrivals hall after such a long journey was incredibly rewarding, and we were so glad to have planned well for our return.


Bringing our baby home was a joyous, albeit challenging, experience. With careful planning and a relaxed attitude, we made it through smoothly, ready to start this exciting new chapter.

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