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What newborn stroller should you buy?

The popular question of what newborn stroller to buy or what important things to consider when buying a baby stroller does not have a cut and dry answer, because personal preferences play a huge part in the decision. For some, the size/dimensions will be important because of the size of the car or the elevator. For others, the weight and ease of folding will matter, or the modularity with other accessories like a car seat and bassinet, heavy sturdy wheels, easy to navigate, double stroller for twins versus single, and price. And there’s also the appearance or the brand, and more.

My tip: Take measurements at home (even come to the store with your car and see that the stroller physically fits into the trunk, elevator, and through the front door of the house. When you’re at the store, write down the dimension so you can compare them with your size requirements), and then buy the stroller when you’re in the United States.

It’s important to look at several models, take them for a test drive with a “baby weight doll” and check that you have all the necessary accessories (rain cover, bottle holder, diaper bag, or whatever else you need).

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