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A surrogate who is also the egg donor

In the vast majority of modern surrogacy processes, the surrogate will not be the egg donor, and she will not share genetics with the baby.

A process where the surrogate is also the egg donor is called a “traditional surrogacy”. In the past it used to be more common, but is very rare nowadays.

There are several reasons for this: To avoid a situation where the surrogate gets attached to the fetus in her womb, but also because the criteria for choosing the egg donor are different than what is required of the surrogate, therefore there won’t be a match between the preliminary criteria. Not everyone who is suited to be a surrogate will also be suited to be an egg donor, and vice versa.

Moreover, when the surrogate shares the fetus’s DNA, additional and complex legal steps will be required so take this into account, both in the country where the process is being conducted, and in your home country.

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