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What U.S. state is the surrogacy agency located in?

There are surrogacy agencies in almost every U.S. state. In general, there is hardly any regulation for someone who wants to set up a surrogacy agency, which is why there is such an abundance of agencies in the United States, ranging from a former surrogate who decided to set up a new agency in her living room that she runs on her own, to large agencies with years of experience that are owned by large firms with a team of in-house lawyers and insurance experts.

The geographic location of the agency is irrelevant, but it’s important to ask the agency representatives whether there are places where they focus more of their efforts in locating a surrogate. For example, an agency on the West Coast will most likely work with surrogates from the West Coast, mainly because of the convenience in communication and logistics (same time zone), and perhaps she’s more familiar and active on the local social media scene.

All things considered, when choosing the surrogacy agency that’s in charge of finding your surrogate and guiding your process, the agency’s actual geographic location is irrelevant. The much more important factors are its experience in working with the clinic you’ve chosen, how long the agency has been around for, what’s the wait time for a surrogate, do they have any experience with your type of family (international, gay family, etc.), are you in direct contact with coordinators, professionals inside and outside the agency, do they manage their own finances or entrust it to an external and audited trust account, do you have an expert opinion from people you know who went through the process with them, and so forth.

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