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The workplace and flying to the birth

The surrogacy process is a proper pregnancy, one that you prepare for and for the flight back when it’s over. There are a few noteworthy points to discuss when it comes to “clashing” with your workplace regarding absence days, vacation days, and unusual approvals for the process (such as for staying abroad before the birth, other flights during the process, or even an absence for the purpose of tests preceding the pregnancy or freezing sperm). Another sensitive issue is companies who may need to lay off an employee who is undergoing a surrogacy process and pregnancy in another country.

In my country (Israel), whether the “Women's Labor Law” applies to men in this context has not yet stood the test in an Israeli court.

So, we mainly rely on the employer’s goodwill here, this is why being transparent is so important. Unlike a regular pregnancy, you will need to be absent more before the pregnancy – rather than during, and will need to be away for a month or more for the delivery.

Whether your country has equal right to women undergoing fertility treatments and surrogacy – consider that you have to discuss the situation before hand and allow your employer to find the best suitable solution *with you*.

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