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Workplace grants and financial assistance for the process

Some workplaces give benefits to employees who are undergoing fertility treatments in general, and surrogacy processes in particular. Sometimes it’s company policy and sometimes it’s an alternative to employee wages. If you work at such a place, it’s important to separate general benefits (that enable additional vacation days, absences, medical insurance that reimburses expenses, etc.) and employers who give a financial benefit to an employee as a special one-time bonus.

Employee benefits fall into two categories: those paid directly to the employee, and those transferred directly to the various professional parties in the process.

When the benefits are transferred directly to you, remember that you will have to pay tax on them because they will be part of your salary. Consult with the company and with their/your accountant to understand what’s best for you.

However, I’m not an accountant or tax advisor and can’t advise on what’s best but you should know what options you have when making a decision. Information is obviously not advice.

The main issue, and the most important thing, is to ask your employer. Some has benefits that are not published much, and some had never encountered the situation – and maybe because you will raise the issue, decide to start providing a benefit that will help you and others who follow you. Be a pioneer!

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